Yacht Brokers & Yacht Multiple Listing Service for the Finest Luxury, Super  & Mega Motor Yachts & Sailing Yachts for Sale.

Yacht Brokers & Yacht Multiple Listing Service for the Finest
Luxury, Super & Mega Motor Yachts & Sailing Yachts for Sale

Gallery of the Finest from Luxury, to Super, to Mega Yachts for Sale with
Proprietary Online Yacht Analysis & Rating Computer Program


~ a Buyer’s Resource of uncommon merit & function ~



The Luxury Yacht Exchange brokerage & counseling service:
  •  Covers all Yachts in the World, 50' and above - Luxury, Super & Mega Motor Yachts, Expedition Yachts, Trawlers & Sailing Yachts.
  •  Drastically reduces the time required for you to search for the right Proper Yacht.
  •  Creates your own personal, online Yacht Library showing photos and content-rich display of the Search & Analysis Results.
  •  Provides Professional Essays on Topics Critical to the Buyer's understanding of how the market works.
  •  Provides Yacht & Boat Buyer's Guide covering Yacht Purchase Contracts & Legal Issues.

We legally represent You, not the Seller. Our fee is paid,
not by You,
but out of the money the Seller already has agreed
to pay his Broker for selling his yacht.
The typical Yacht Broker is legally representing the Seller,
Unless provided otherwise by specific agreement with you,
Whether the Broker is showing you his own listing,
Or a listing of another Broker.

The following Website explains a fundamentally different way for you to go about finding your next yacht, one calculated to singularly protect your interest as a Buyer, as you go about the yacht pruchase process within the conflicted world of Yacht Brokerage and Luxury Yacht Sales. 

Rather than you finding yourself in the position of having the Seller’s Yacht Broker also trying to represent your interests at the same time, a “Conflicts of Interest” situation that most Buyers are inflicted with everyday because of how the brokerage system is structured, we offer a prudent and effective alternative.  Our alternative is singularly dedicated to educating you and protecting your interests as a Buyer.  Our alternative is a Buyer’s Exchange, offering the exchange of (a) the best ‘content-rich’ substantive information, (b) the best hard data and (c) the most comprehensive photographic display of the widest array of luxury yachts on the market.  The exchange of this ‘content-rich’ material is in a format that lets our Buyer, with the hands-on help of our staff, efficiently compare, analyze and correlate information on yachts for sale from around the world in a manner that allows the Buyer to make truly educated determinations about what is the right Proper Yacht and what is the right price that should be paid.

The Website is meant to:

(1)   Both challenge old concepts of how your interests as a Buyer are represented in the old-world of broker “Conflicts of Interest”, something presently much on the minds of anyone who plays in the Stock or Mutual Fund markets; and,

(2)   Offer you an easy and efficient system that shows you all yachts on the market that might fit your needs and helps you gain in-depth knowledge of the market and what fair market value should be of any particular yacht that piques your interest. 

Once we have helped you boil the rather large universe of yachts on the market down to the right Proper Yacht for you, we then aggressively execute negotiations and acquisition strategies that singularly represent your fiduciary interests as the Buyer, based on our decades of experience in luxury yacht construction, yacht sales, yacht brokerage and the practice of law.  We use this extensive expertise to personally work with you through every step of the acquisition and ownership process.  Our fees are paid not by our Client but only out of the money the Seller has already agreed to pay his Broker when his Broker sells his yacht.

Our ultimate goal is to capture the right Proper Yacht for you at a price that is significantly under market value.

The nature of what we are communicating within the following Website is content-rich and somewhat lengthy.  Thus, working through the Website is quite educational but does take a bit of time.  We most welcome a phone call from you where we can quite quickly talk you through what makes our service and expertise so different from the typical yacht brokerage firm.

We would love to talk with you about how we can be of service.



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