Ann Morrow

Ann Morrow is co-founder and principle of Waite & Morrow Associates and brings to the organization twenty years of experience in the business of yacht construction, marketing and sales. After graduating from Emory University Law School in 1981, Ann joined Bill in the founding and hands-on operation of Windship Yachts. During the decade of its life, Ann was involved in the development of all departments of the business. At one time or another, she created and managed the purchasing department, the accounting department and the marketing and sales department, along with her overall duties of business management. Her business management expertise runs deep in all aspects of yacht construction and marketing.
As Windship Yachts matured, and with Bill providing the technical and construction management, Ann centered her attention to the outside world and ran the creative Marketing and Sales departments, giving rise to all in-house advertising campaigns that became the backbone of Windships image for the most creative ads within the industry. She provided the sales effort on a daily operational basis and was the primary contact relevant to customer relations and the large custom projects underway at Windship. Ann is also well connected within the yachting industry with the Brokers, Builders and Advertising media.
After a hiatus of several years at the national sales managers level within the hospitality industry, Ann returned to Ft. Lauderdale to pursue her love of the yachting industry as a yacht broker, thus laying the ground work for initiation of her own firm and the incubation of THE LUXURY YACHT EXCHANGE.

Ann is dedicated to providing the most professional and knowledgeable service to her clientele and her enthusiasm for yachting is infectious.