William W. Waite

William Waite has been involved in the pursuit of yachting from many angles from his early adult years to the present, starting with his ownership of several cruising sailboats at age 20 and continuing through his founding and presiding over one of the USs great custom yards, Windship Yachts of Tampa, Fl. After graduating at the top of his class in 1970 from Emory University Law School and practicing law for some 10 years in Atlanta, Ga., Bill decided in 1980 to pursue his dream of building large, custom, luxury offshore sailing yachts in high-tech composites, thus providing to the yachting world an alternative to metal yachts. Thus Windship Yachts was born and grew to encompass a 100,000 sq.ft. facility, employing 250 craftsman who, during the 80s and early 90s, built such notable yachts as WINDY LIMERICK, IPANEMA (ex-MARTHA E, MONIQUE), CHARDONNAY and CINDERELLA, as well as other 60 100 custom yachts, both cruising sail, racing sail and motor yachts. As President of Windship Yachts, Bill was intimately involved in every aspect of Windships operations for 11 years and the knowledge and contacts he developed during this time make him a respected figure in the industry.

Although Windship Yachts was unable to sustain itself after the recession of the early 90s, Bill moved back to his law practice and developed a securities investment fund for select clientele. At all times he kept an eye on the industry. In 1997 he laid the groundwork for the establishment of a specialty brokerage firm in Ft. Lauderdale. After careful analysis of the brokerage industry, he concluded that there existed a need for a specialized boutique, brokerage firm whose mission would be the fulfillment of high-quality and aggressive presentation, marketing and sales of unique and original yachts. Waite & Morrow Associates was thus created to fulfill this need and is the predecessor to THE LUXURY YACHT EXCHANGE.

With his considerable custom yacht building knowledge and 11 years of hands-on daily operational management of Windship Yachts, Bill brought to Waite & Morrow Associates a wealth of expertise about the yachting industry and the quality and merit of individual yachts. Bill has traveled extensively all over the US and Europe to many different yacht building firms and developed personal relationships with the heads of these firms, as well as most of the yachting worlds naval architects, interior designers and stylists and yacht brokers. Bill has an impressive grasp of all aspects involved in the design, construction, execution, sales and marketing of yachts. He willingly shares this knowledge with friends, colleagues and clients at every opportunity, firmly believing in the philosophy that facts are friendly and the technological and practical information that is available to the yachting marketplace is meant to be shared and disseminated at every potential meeting between yachting enthusiasts.

From his three decades plus of legal practice, Bill has the professional knowledge and capability to oversee all the legal aspects involved in the purchase and sale of yachts. He has a particularly in-depth level of knowledge of the business of yacht construction and the proper processes that should be in place to protect a customers interests. His business acumen and managerial expertise together with an insiders knowledge of the construction industry make him well suited to analyze and support all aspects of the particular needs of THE LUXURY YACHT EXCHANGEs clientele .


The Boat Show season is fast approaching.
The maze of yachts being hawked by the enormous multitude
of yacht brokers representing anxious Sellers
is mind boggling and difficult to effectively grasp.

Let us represent you the yacht Buyer
in dealing with this multitude and its supporting Sellers’ brokers
in this often-confusing seasonal market.

Before going to a Show, we will use
our sophisticated Buyer Representation System
To provide you complete due diligence

About all yacht offerings and special market opportunities.

We will then completely organize your effort,
set up on-board appointments with the Seller’s broker,
guide and walk you through the Show,
control on your behalf all dealings with the Seller and his broker and
guide you through every step of the yacht buying process.

While we insulate you from the typical yacht salesman games,
You can efficiently and with great joy experience the Boat Show
And be comfortable that you will find
the right proper yacht at the right proper price.