Due Diligence and Fiduciary Dedication for Buyers

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Buyer’s Services: THE PROCESS
Details of How We Represent the Buyer

The following Table, entitled SERVICE & SUPPORT FOR BUYERS, shows in an integrated and detailed manner each step of the representation process and a detailed comparison of the Service & Support provided by The Exchange Staff to that provided by the Old Brokerage System.

Service and Support for Buyers

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There are four obvious key elements that distinguish the unique nature of the service provided by The Exchange ~

  • Singular Dedication to the Fiduciary Interests of the Buyer,
  • Use of the Advanced Technologies of the Telecosm, the Internet and Broadband.
  • The Quickest & most Efficient Access in the industry to a complete Yacht Gallery Photo Display of yachts on the market, and
  • The most Mature Analytical & Educational Process for grasping Yacht Valuations and for understanding how the Market functions and what the Buyer should know in order that he can help protect his own interests.

Singular Dedication is simple; i.e., serious professional intent. It is the open, notorious and formal acceptance of the fiduciary responsibility to represent only the interest of the Buyer, thus dispensing with all issues of Conflicts of Interest.

The Telecosm is simple. The Homepage provides a button that leads to a full definition of the term Telecosm; but, in simple terms, it means advanced, interactive use of the Internet to most efficiently manage the effort on the part of the client to gain in-depth knowledge about the market and accomplish acquisition of a luxury yacht. The utilization of the Telecosm is seen clearly in the items listed below as less obvious benefits.

Quick and Efficient Access is also simple. The Exchange provides its clientele access to a Yacht Gallery that allows them instantaneous visual scanning of an enormous array of display photographs of yachts on the market in the size range of interest.

The Analytical & Educational Process is a little more difficult to communicate. The Exchange offers its clientele a unique and most aggressive process & system for educating themselves in great detail and substance: (i) about all of the yachts that are on the market anywhere in the world and that might be of interest, (ii) about very important issues that a Buyer should be knowledgeable of prior to acquisition of a luxury yacht and (iii) about a clear and formal roadmap that defines in detail the services provided throughout each step of the process of moving from initial introduction to the market all of the way through the closing transaction of a luxury yacht acquisition.


Beyond the obvious benefits are several very important functions within The Exchange System that are not immediately apparent but are enormously helpful to the Buyer, in order to gain a meaningful understanding of the Market, as a whole, and to focus on those yachts that might legitimately meet his needs:

  • IN-HOUSE, PROPRIETARY MARKET SURVEY& DATABASE: an interactive program that allows the Buyer to analyze and compare, one against the other, a large array of yachts that might be of interest based on price and detailed specifications. See: Market Survey on the Menu Bar above.
  • CUSTOM INTERACTIVE YACHT ANALYSIS & RATING SYSTEM: based on The Market Survey and allows the Buyer to create his own criteria for the perfect yacht and sort the Market Survey for the yachts that best represent his own criteria. See: Yacht Ratings on the Menu Bar above.
  • BUYERS ONLINE PERSONAL LIBRARY & YACHT STORAGE SYSTEM: The Exchange Staff creates for and develops with each Client a Personal Online Yacht Library which displays each yacht that is of interest and then guides the client through a very mature analytical process of comparison of all yachts of interest, using the Market Survey & Database and the Interactive Yacht Analysis & Rating System. Additionally, the System allows our Buyer to retrieve and store access and information on a multitude of yachts that have been viewed on other yacht listing databases and that may be of interest. This capability negates the frustrating and time-consuming problem of downloading material from the Internet, of remembering what yachts that were seen and were of interest and how one got to a particular yacht on the Internet. See: Buyers Library on the Menus Bar above.


The Boat Show season is fast approaching.
The maze of yachts being hawked by the enormous multitude
of yacht brokers representing anxious Sellers
is mind boggling and difficult to effectively grasp.

Let us represent you the yacht Buyer
in dealing with this multitude and its supporting Sellers’ brokers
in this often-confusing seasonal market.

Before going to a Show, we will use
our sophisticated Buyer Representation System
To provide you complete due diligence

About all yacht offerings and special market opportunities.

We will then completely organize your effort,
set up on-board appointments with the Seller’s broker,
guide and walk you through the Show,
control on your behalf all dealings with the Seller and his broker and
guide you through every step of the yacht buying process.

While we insulate you from the typical yacht salesman games,
You can efficiently and with great joy experience the Boat Show
And be comfortable that you will find
the right proper yacht at the right proper price.