Proprietary 700 Yacht Fact Database

The Market Survey & Database

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The Market Survey & Databases initial function is to provide a platform from which one can begin to acquire some understanding of the market and engage specific discussion with The Exchange Staff as to how to interpret the data and what the best use of the data is with respect to a Buyer who is engaged in the search for the best proper yacht. Once our Staff has gained a thorough understanding of what our Client feels is his definition of the best proper yacht, the Survey becomes the core platform for in-depth analysis and comparison of specific yachts that are of interest to the Client and is jointly developed by the Client and the Staff into the Personal Interactive Yacht Rating Program for that specific Client.

To understand what use the Market Survey & Database can be validly put to, it is important to understand the specific nature of the data that it reflects and the underlying mission of the Survey.

The Exchange believes that it can best be of service to its clients if it first offers them a uniquely professional and analytical environment for thorough education about the yacht market. Knowledge is the key to a proper decision and detailed knowledge is hard to come by in this industry. Therefore, The Exchange provides the Market Survey & Database as an initial platform for analysis. But, you must understand the limitations of the data.

The industry that controls the luxury yacht market is very fragmented and generally not driven by any stimulant that results in coordinated capture, maintenance, integration and publication of reliable market data. There are several multi-list systems that are superficially similar to that which is found in the real estate world, but the data produced is of varying degrees of accuracy, consistency and reliability. Additionally, there is no governmental or administrative agency dictated by law to capture yacht transactional data, as is found within the real estate industry in most jurisdictions.

Thus, the Market Survey & Database represents data that is assembled from varying sources, each of which produce data that is of varying degrees of validity. Therefore, the data reflected in the Survey reflects varying degrees of accuracy and often there will simply be blanks in many categories of data about any particular yacht. Additionally, the Survey reflects a wide array of the international yacht arena in an effort to let our Client understand in a comprehensive and detailed manner the whole of the yacht universe, some of which are on the market for sale and some of which are not.

So, of what value is all of this? This assemblage and integration of data is unique in the industry and does provide our Client an efficient and effective means of comparing, correlating, analyzing and understanding the market and establishing an easy means of constructing an initial Comparables Matrix based on detailed specifications of an array of particular yachts that the Client might find of interest.

Thus, the mission in publishing the Market Survey & Database is to provide our Clients with an easy vehicle from which they can draw educated but general conclusions. With such in hand, focus can then be efficiently directed toward truly precise and in-depth analysis of what might be a proper yacht for our Client.

And finally, this publication represents an inordinate effort; and, as the authors of such, The Exchange does act with its own discretion, based on certain internal parameters, to not include some yachts in the Survey.

The mission of the Market Survey & Database is to provide a functional platform for analysis and to provide a stimulant for discussion. We are dedicated to helping our clients gain an informed perspective on a broad array of issues related to their interest is acquiring a yacht. In that light, we believe that “facts are friendly” and knowledge is the key to educated decisions.  Initially, we never know what our clients do know and do not know. We are dedicated to the principle that our first responsibility to each client is to educate with in-depth facts. So, we endeavor to give them access to as much information as is reasonably possible. Then, they can on their own be selective with respect to what material they find of use.

The Staff of The Exchange is available to discuss with a Client any aspect of the Survey, including how best to interpret the data, why there are blanks and how the information might help you in understanding the market.


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