How the Brokerage Relationship Works

The luxury yacht represents man’s expression of the highest and most complicated blend of cold hard engineering and art, a blend that lends an almost animate nature to this objet d’Art.  It is generally the most expensive widget that one ever buys personally during a lifetime. And, because of its almost animate nature and the fact that it is a complicated piece of machinery that floats about the world carrying human life, this toy represents both a source of great pleasure and, at the same time, a potential for some risk. The search for and purchase of this toy should be a most serious and conscientious endeavor that is guided at every step in the process by a knowledgeable and professional perspective.


The Boat Show season is fast approaching.
The maze of yachts being hawked by the enormous multitude
of yacht brokers representing anxious Sellers
is mind boggling and difficult to effectively grasp.

Let us represent you the yacht Buyer
in dealing with this multitude and its supporting Sellers’ brokers
in this often-confusing seasonal market.

Before going to a Show, we will use
our sophisticated Buyer Representation System
To provide you complete due diligence

About all yacht offerings and special market opportunities.

We will then completely organize your effort,
set up on-board appointments with the Seller’s broker,
guide and walk you through the Show,
control on your behalf all dealings with the Seller and his broker and
guide you through every step of the yacht buying process.

While we insulate you from the typical yacht salesman games,
You can efficiently and with great joy experience the Boat Show
And be comfortable that you will find
the right proper yacht at the right proper price.