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Buyers Market Analysis at Lightspeed

The Telecosm

A term popularized by technologist and author George Gilder to define a technological revolution that ultimately moves beyond the world of the microchip and the computer (the “Microcosm”) to the world of the “Telecosm” and the availability of unlimited data at unlimited lightspeed. Is is the world of fiber-optics, dark fiber and unlimited broadband delivery systems. It is an impending world wherein all data and human information is instantaneously available to any computer terminal in content rich format that is almost lifelike in its saturation of the eye’s imagination.

The Exchange uses the Telecosm as one of the primary means of communicating on an interactive basis with its clientele and provides them several unique online methods of analyzing, comparing and understanding the International luxury yacht market. These Online methods of analysis include:

  • The Yacht Gallery
  • The Market Survey & Database
  • The Buyer’s Interactive Yacht Analysis & Rating System
  • The Buyer’s Personal Yacht Library & Storage System
  • The International Yacht Listing Databases