Unique Buyers Market Analystics System

What’s Unique: ~ THE PRINCIPLES ~
Why The Exchange offers our Buyers a Truly Helpful & Uniquely Protective Service

Revolutions are often hard to explain.  As such, the Luxury Yacht Exchange takes some effort on our part to explain why it offers Buyers an important and distinct service that, while quite simple, is nevertheless quite revolutionary.  Thus, this Website is not a glossy picture book of yachts, although the platform provides to the Buyer a unique system for access to the most comprehensive collection of content-rich photographic display of luxury yachts.  Rather, this Website explains the unique, disciplined and comprehensive process that the Luxury Yacht Exchange offers its clientele to help them in their search for the best proper yacht and then professionally guide them through each step of the acquisition process.  It is a combined process that is personalized to each client and is offered nowhere else.

The luxury yacht market is International in scope, dynamic and fluid in every respect.  It also involves very complicated, expensive and mobile objets d’art that represent perhaps the largest and most demanding investment anyone makes personally in a lifetime. The brokerage process for selling these objects is well established and serves adequately the interests of the Seller. From the Buyer’s perspective, the acquisition process is also most complicated and problematic, if not executed in a professional manner.  Of greatest concern, the commonly accepted yacht broker’s interaction and process with the Buyer is deficient in terms of adequately serving and protecting the interests of the Buyer.



  1. That the Buyer has a broker who has professional expertise that is singularly dedicated to the representation of the Buyer’s fiduciary interest and not to both the Seller and the Buyer. Few in the business world would retain an Attorney and then tolerate him representing the adversary also. Yet, such Conflicts of Interest between the Seller and the Buyer is what is generally accepted within the yacht brokerage arena.
  2. That the Buyer’s broker provides the Buyer the effective means of gaining a Comprehensive & Disciplined Understanding of how the market works and exposure to all potential yachts that might be of interest, as opposed to just those yachts that a particular Broker represents or that the Broker finds convenient to show.
  3. That the Buyer’s broker is absolutely dedicated to the principle that Facts are Friendly, with a singular determination to execute thorough due diligence to discover all relevant information about any yacht of interest and a dedication to the open flow of all information to the Buyer.


The Luxury Yacht Exchange is uniquely dedicated to the open exchange and effective flow of in-depth information in support of the three principles, noted above, and thus operates three distinct types of service:

  1. It is singularly and publicly dedicated to aggressive protection of the Buyer’s special needs and fiduciary interests.
  2. It provides to the Buyer a comprehensive and thorough proprietary analytical process that walks the client through a very unique content-rich survey and comparison of all yachts that are available and might be of interest to the particular client, no matter where a particular yacht is lying and no matter what brokerage house might have it listed and advertised.
  3. It also provides to its clientele access to in-depth essays about issues that every Buyer should know of prior to acquisition of a luxury yacht but are rarely revealed by the old brokerage system.


Now, yacht brokerage is not rocket science. The legacy brokerage system is quite simple. But, in its simplicity, it tends to be driven by:

  1. The pressure to put a deal together, which we call the See Boat, Like Boat, Buy Boat Syndrome that most brokers hope their client will follow;
  2. The tendency to ignore issues of Conflicts of Interest and whether the fiduciary interests of the Seller and the Buyer are aggressively and separately represented; and,
  3. The lack of precise and thorough analysis of all facts that might be important to the Buyer, both with respect to a particular yacht and with respect to the legal and financial issues attendant to the yacht acquisition and closing process.

Often, it appears that the primary function of the legacy brokerage system is their role as The Gatekeeper of information and they often appear not dedicated to the free flow of information to the Buyer. This is in essence the context in which The Exchange endeavors to inject some revolutionary change, in terms of perspective and focus, with open and public dedication singularly to the fiduciary interests of the Buyer and dedication to the education of the Buyer as to all potentially interesting yachts and all issues that might be important to the Buyer during an acquisition process.

In terms of Service & Support to the Buyer, it is correct to say that The Exchange Program:

  1. Provides everything that the old, legacy Brokerage system provides,
  2. Provides numerous items that the old system does not provide and,
  3. Does so in a manner that is open and clear about who represents who and thus dispenses with the issues of Conflicts of Interest.

The Exchange Staff is singularly dedicated to getting clientele the best proper yacht at the most aggressively negotiated price possible and does not participate in the balancing game that is commonly acted out within the yacht brokerage system of keeping favor with the Seller while enticing the Buyer.

The Exchange Staff is uniquely qualified to execute a most aggressive and protective strategy on behalf of its clientele based on a multiplicity of expertise from the worlds of luxury yacht construction, systems engineering, business, finance and the practice of law.

Not only are revolutions often hard to explain, the explanation is often best accomplished through personal guidance. We recognize that the content in this Website is lengthy.  So if you wish, please do not hesitate to call us for a personal explanation of how the Luxury Yacht Exchange works. We are a personal service organization with a different attitude about how to represent Buyers.

We hope you will continue forward through all of the sections of this Website to see how this advancement offers you great opportunity and improvement in personal service and support.


The Boat Show season is fast approaching.
The maze of yachts being hawked by the enormous multitude
of yacht brokers representing anxious Sellers
is mind boggling and difficult to effectively grasp.

Let us represent you the yacht Buyer
in dealing with this multitude and its supporting Sellers’ brokers
in this often-confusing seasonal market.

Before going to a Show, we will use
our sophisticated Buyer Representation System
To provide you complete due diligence

About all yacht offerings and special market opportunities.

We will then completely organize your effort,
set up on-board appointments with the Seller’s broker,
guide and walk you through the Show,
control on your behalf all dealings with the Seller and his broker and
guide you through every step of the yacht buying process.

While we insulate you from the typical yacht salesman games,
You can efficiently and with great joy experience the Boat Show
And be comfortable that you will find
the right proper yacht at the right proper price.